Managing Relationships through Social Media

May 15 2014

Recently, there was an explosion of interest in social media and authors from every field released a book with the attempt of interpreting the changes brought by digital technology.

On one hand, these books have invoked enthusiasm of countless professionals and researchers because they stipulated the major potential of the digital technology. On the other hand, this oversimplification process aimed at reducing the complexity of this phenomenon, has generated the belief that social media is a magic formula that solves people’s and companies’ problems in generating new business.

I believe that everybody behaves like a social media expert because ‘Social’ means ‘Relationship’ at the end of the day. The concept of ‘relationship’ is not exactly new and anybody has to initiate or maintain multiple and simultaneous relationships in any phase of life as we don’t live on a deserted island. However, NOT everybody is able to create ‘high quality’ relationships where reciprocal respect and mutual trust, commitment, satisfaction are involved.

I believe that ‘Social Media’ is NOT the magic formula, 'Relationship’ is. 

This implies to go beyond the golden rule “Do not do to others what would anger you if done to you by others.” – Isocrates (436–338 BC), which somebody interpreted as ‘treat your customers as you would like to be treated’.

Instead, we need to 'treat our customers as they wish to be treated’ and not as we, managers, would like to be treated by others.

This is only possible if we bypass the complexity using the technology at our disposal and we adopt a truly honest, social, and caring approach when communicating and serving our customers. After all, this is the main opportunity coming from Big data, CRM, monitoring tools, etc.


However, we should never forget that the understanding of human beings is an art – and to a large extent complex.

Alex Mari

Founder & Creative Director of BrandMate