Brand Ideals: connecting content strategy to relational strategy and brand strategy

According to Stengel (2011), brand managers should be conceived as “business artists”, leaders whose primary medium is brand ideals. 

The scope of these business artists is to discover (or rediscover)

Brand Ideals definition: first step in your Branding Strategy

Marketing and corporate communications managers are often confronted with the need to anticipate market trends. In order to be at the cutting edge of innovation, they are often willing to

Social Media ROI to measure relationship quality? No, thanks

One of the major challenges for companies is to guarantee continuity of the relationship development process. Since priorities in companies can change quickly, while the relationships takes time to evolve,

Fans vs. Brand Lovers on Facebook

The non-realization by brand managers that consumers engagement is something they should be aiming at ONLY after the user knows the brand, has considered its values and benefits, has tried

Path to delightful relationship on social media

Relationships are dynamic; they develop and vary over time as a consequence of the interactions between the partners and of the variations in the surrounding environment. Relationships do not follow

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